Rocketing Through the Atmosphere

Hello readers! Today we're going to be discussing rockets, more specifically, reusable rockets. As you may have heard, this past Thursday (March 30th), SpaceX marked the first launch of a reusable rocket, a historic event for aerospace. Reusable rockets could drastically reduce the cost of rocket launches and could make space travel a lot more … Continue reading Rocketing Through the Atmosphere

Paleotsunamis and Hawai’i

Depending on where you live, being prepared for a tsunami is not something you think about. In some places, the thought is much more likely to occur. Hawai'i is one such place. It has seen its share of tsunamis (including in 1946 and 1957), andĀ evidence also exists for tsunamis occurring in Hawaii before recorded history … Continue reading Paleotsunamis and Hawai’i

Uncharted Faults: South Napa 2014 Earthquake

Hello readers! Today we are taking a look at the magnitude 6.0 earthquake that hit South Napa, California on August 24th, 2014. The earthquake originated in the West Napa Fault Zone (WNFZ), a series of faults over 46 kilometers (28.6 miles), and possibly more, marked as potentially dangerous. The last damaging earthquake from the WNFZ … Continue reading Uncharted Faults: South Napa 2014 Earthquake

A Hazy Shade of Earth

Hello all! Today we are once again travelling back in time to the early Earth. The period known as the Archean spans 3.8 to 2.5 billion years ago. Geochemical evidence, more specifically data from sulfur isotopes in the rock record, suggest that the atmosphere of the Archean was at times hazy. This hydrocarbon haze would … Continue reading A Hazy Shade of Earth

Volcanoes and Winds: 2010 Iceland Edition

Hello all! Today we are travelling back in time to 2010. Before I get into why we're discussing this particular year, let's talk about volcanoes. I could say many things about volcanoes, but for today's post, I'm going to talk about volcanoes throwing up ash into the atmosphere. It makes for amazing photographs...and dangerous conditions … Continue reading Volcanoes and Winds: 2010 Iceland Edition

Inhabiting the Galaxy

Earth has a nearly unimaginable variety of life--to creatures living at the bottom of the ocean to birds in the sky, Earth is teeming with life. But where, outside of Earth, are there conditions friendly to life? This is often thought of in terms of the 'stellar habitable zone'--the area around a star that would … Continue reading Inhabiting the Galaxy

Pennsylvanian Paleofloods

Hello all! This post marks two years of From Physics to English! Today we'll be looking at Pennsylvania--more specifically, the West Bank of the Susquehanna River there. This river has evidence for floods that swept through during the Pleistocene, 1.8 million to 11,700 years ago. Evidence of large floods is not easily erased from the … Continue reading Pennsylvanian Paleofloods