Hello! Welcome to From Physics to English!
About me: My name is Ainsley. I am a physicist and writer. A graduate of Wheaton College (MA) with a bachelor’s in physics and two minors (astronomy and Russian), I generally write soft science fiction, though I delve into other genres on occasion. I am currently working towards grad school, keeping myself occupied with (among other things) volunteer work and this blog.
About From Physics to English: This blog is a series of articles that aren’t necessarily related except by the common thread of physics. From Physics To English updates on the first Saturday of each month, at six am Eastern Time. Each post consists of the ‘translation’ of a scientific paper into something more approachable and understandable to someone who has not had four years of study in physics. All due credit, of course, goes to the authors of the papers, as is proper. A bibliography follows each post.
Header images use creative commons images.
Contact: I am on LinkedIn and can be contacted at rousseau.ainsley@gmail.com.


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